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  • 401(k) Plans

  • 403(b)/457 Plans

  • Stocks, Bonds and Mutual Funds

  • Education Funding Strategies 

  • Concentrated Stock Position

  • Alternative Investments



  • Term Life Insurance

  • Whole Life Insurance

  • Health Insurance

  • Disability Income 

  • Long Term Care 

  • Tax Sheltered  and Fixed Annuities

  • Variable Annuities



  • IRA's,  ROTH's

  • Rollovers/consolidation

  • Pension Transfers/Rollovers

  • Pension Payout Strategies

  • Medicare Supplement Coverage



  • Charitable Giving Strategies

  • Estate Conversion Strategies

  • Business Transition Strategies

In Transition?
We Will Help You Manage
The Process




Our process is centered around you, achieving agreed upon milestones and goals. It is constructed to foster lasting relationships with you and your family. An open dialogue is a critical part of this process to ensure the objectives are met and changes are accommodated into the plan.

Discovery & Information Gathering

Initially, we meet with our clients and discuss their expectations, goals, levels of acceptable risk, time horizons, analysis of existing investments and financial details. This meeting is purely an information gathering session, so we can properly prepare for the next steps.

Analysis & Plan Creation

After the information gathering session, we draft a investment plan which outlines your goals, expectations, and other milestones. We include an Investment Policy Statement (ISP) with the plan. An IPS is effectively a road map individually tailored for each client. It provides guidance for saving and investment strategies as well as tolerance for risk. It will reflect your unique situation and is meant to be a “living document” which is periodically updated to reflect changes in our clients’ lives.

Portfolio Construction and Implementation

After discussing the plan and goals, we construct a portfolio specifically crafted for you. We take into account a number of factors in this process including: overall portfolio design, macroeconomic factors and trends, proper diversification of assets, manager selection, risk and tax analysis, and correlation to other investments. Once we construct this portfolio it is presented to the client for further review.

Monitor & Review

After the implementation process we continually monitor your portfolios to ensure they are performing as expected. We are in frequent communications and will conduct an annual review to discuss the status and make any changes that need to be made.

Creating The Future

The goal of our process is to help our clients create the future that they envision for themselves. We are strategic partners working for your success, presenting independent analysis, objective risk management and trustworthy advice.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that our clients’ have predictable results and the highest level of security so that they can focus on living their lives and worrying less about their financial future.

Changing jobs or spouses? Do you have 401k's or IRA's that need to be consolidated? Contact us for a free consultation.

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