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Financial Psychology

Navigating in Woods

This lesson gives you an in-depth look at the psychological factors that affect how we handle our personal finances. The first topic discusses how money is tied to human needs and emotions. A second section explores how and by whom we are influenced when developing our money management habits, and how to find qualified information sources

Account Management and Team Building

Stand-up Meeting

This lesson covers the essentials of how to set up and manage accounts with a financial institution, and why and how to establish a trusted team of financial advisors. The first topic guides you in selecting the financial institution that matches your needs and goals. Then you are introduced to the process of setting up a central system to automate all your account transactions, which helps you save money and protect your credit. In a third topic, you learn the differences between debit cards and credit cards and how that information relates to your personal finance management. Finally, you will understand why having a trusted team of advisors is important to your financial future, and know how to select your team members

Making Money

Barista Making Coffee To Go

This lesson covers various ways to generate income, along with some strategies for securing and possibly supplementing one’s income. The first topic discusses finding fulfilling work in alignment with one’s dreams and passions. In the second section, we cover the rapid, recent advances in globalism and technology that affect job and income security

Saving, Expenses and Budgeting 

Online banking

This lesson introduces the basic aspects of budgeting and how budgeting benefits your progress toward attaining your desired lifestyle and reaching your financial goals. You will understand how savings forms the foundation of your financial planning, and learn the components of a savings plan. In a further topic, you will comprehend the importance of evaluating every purchase based on whether it is a “need” or a “want” and know how to calculate opportunity cost.

Loans and Debt

Credit Card

This lesson covers the ins and outs of loans and debt. The first topic discusses the different types of debt and when debts may be considered “good” versus “bad” debts. Then the basic loan calculations are covered including principal, interest, payment intervals, terms, and amortization. The risks and consequences of various types of debt are covered in the third topic, with tips for mitigating debt risk.

Credit Profile

Adult Education Course

This lesson focuses on credit, how credit affects your personal financial situation, and how to get and maintain good credit. You will understand the value of having a good credit history and situations that can have negative impact on your credit.

You will be introduced to the components of your credit profile – credit history and credit score – and how they are derived.

You will learn how to obtain a copy of your credit report, review your credit score, and create a credit plan. Strategies and actions for addressing errors on your credit report and improving your credit score are presented.

Finally, identity theft is discussed, along with ways to prevent and handle situations where your identity is stolen.

Financial Workshop Examples




Career Choice Workshop



Paying for College Workshop



Home Ownership Workshop

Aligning Your Passion with Income Sources

Activity: Finding a Fulfilling Income Source

Minimizing Income Security Threats

Activity: Reducing Your Industry Risks

Evaluating Your Income & Skills

Activity: Income & Skills Assessment

Prepare for & Identify Income Opportunities

Activity: Prepare for & Identify Income Opportunities

Income Diversification & Multiple Income Streams

Activity: Exploring Additional Revenue Streams

Education & Skill Development Lesson

Paying Off Student Loans

Activity: Getting Student Loan Repayment Organized

Loans & Debt Lesson

Risk of Debt

Activity: Debt Risk Assessment

How to Pay Off Debt

Activity: Paying it Down

Activity: Create Your Debt Payoff Plan

Savings, Expenses & Budgeting Lesson

Identifying & Reducing Your Expenses

Activity: Lowering Your Expenses

Create Your Budget & Automate Activity: Completing Your Budget Activity: Automating Your Financial Tracking

Analyzing Your Budget & Addressing Gaps

Activity: Calculating Your Ratio

Investing & Personal Financial Planning Lesson

Why People Invest

Activity: Your Financial Goals

Investment Risk

Activity: Determine Your Risk Tolerance Level

Real Estate: Risks & Rewards Activity: Due Diligence on

Real Estate as an  Investment 

Savings, Expenses & Budgeting Lessons

Homeownership Budgeting Activity: Housing Budget

Loans & Debt Lessons

Loan Qualification

Activity: Assessing Your Qualification Potential

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