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Baker & Associates RIA. LLC provides this information 

for the benefit of its' clients

The projects identified here are not an offering or a recommendation of Baker & Associates RIA, LLC

We specialize in economic recovery and capacity building. We participate in capital market funding for small businesses using traditional financial resources as well as impact investments. 

We provide support services, data and technology solutions for a growing market of investors and socially responsible businesses. We support crowdfunding which allows people to collectively pool their money via digital portals to support organizations or projects.

Baker & Associates RIA, LLC does not directly fund projects at this time. We work with market players to secure solutions to the challenges impacting our clients. We work with banks, independent lenders, traditional and private investors. Our role is to identify, clarify and to support efforts to obtain funding for our clients from interested parties. 

Current Projects

The Oakland Gateway project was created in partnership between the City of Oakland and Oakland Maritime Support Services, Inc. (OMSS), to provide critical truck parking and support services at the Port, contributing significantly towards long term efforts to keep trucking out of the neighboring West Oakland community. 


International Partners (IP) LLC, is an investment company with a mission focused squarely at assisting private and institutional investors with enhancing their wealth via commercial real estate investing in the multi-family space.

Information only. This is not a offering or a recommendation.
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