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Updated: Sep 8, 2023


Make a plan, set your financial goals for the year. This could include saving a certain amount of money, paying off debt, or investing in a specific asset or asset class. Put a number on it!

Create a budget. Determine how much money you have coming in each month after deductions and retirement then allocate the remainder towards your bills, savings, and discretionary spending.

Review your expenses with an eye toward reducing your spending. Look for areas where you may be able to cut back on unnecessary expenses and redirect that money towards your financial goals.

Consider seeking financial advice or education. This could include hiring a financial advisor, taking a class, or reading books on personal finance. Call us at Baker & Associates RIA, LLC. We inform, coach and council businesses, families and individuals.

Review and update your insurance policies life, health and long term care. Make sure you have the appropriate coverage for your needs and budget.

Begin an emergency savings fund. Set aside some amount of money each month to create a cushion in case of unexpected expenses. Don't forget about inflation in your calculations.

If you're not currently contributing to a 401(k) plan start contributing to an individual 401(k), 403(b), 457 (b) or for business owners a SEP or simple IRA, Solo401(k), ROTH or a Defined Benefit plan to ensure financial security in the future. Invest in a diversified retirement account that includes "Alternative Investments" If you have not already done so. The sooner the better,

Review and update your estate planning documents. This includes your will, power of attorney, and healthcare directive.

Pay off high-interest debt. Focus on paying off any credit card or student loan debt with high interest rates first to save on long-term costs.

Automate your savings and debt repayment. Set up automatic transfers to your savings and debt repayment accounts. Pay yourself first to ensure that you are consistently working towards your near term and long term financial goals.

Please call us for an initial free consultation regarding any financial concerns you may have.

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