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  • Members get special pricing on financial literacy offerings, financial planning services and discounts on consulting and project services.

Subscribers (All member benefits plus)

  • Are members who have purchased a subscription to NFEC education resources offered through BARIA including lessons, NFEC workshops and coaching.

  • Special workshops and designated presentations are offered at reduced rates.

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  • Clients are those who have purchased financial services products i.e. investments, financial planning services, insurance or other financial service products.

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Subscription and fee for service offerings

Everyone is not an investor at the beginning. We have developed a selection of tools that will enhance an individuals level of clarity, knowledge and expertise that can make the investing experience less intimidating. But this is not a game.

The investor knows what they want. We support our clients with the tools to make it happen or we can do it for them. We work with our clients using services provided by Orion Portfolio Solutions for planning portal capabilities.

We also license resources from the National Financial Education Council (NFEC). The NFEC provides a deep learning experience and training to individuals, who upon completion are certified with a FINRA designation. These certified instructors are recruited to provide training to BARIA clients. As a part of our education services package we provide seminars, workshops and team training for employee groups and institutions. We also provide a self-paced learning experience for all education levels.

We offer the following subscription services:

Financial Planning with "What If" scenarios

Self-Directed Advisor Supported:

Self directed, self paced financial planning allows the client to purchase subscription

access to the Orion Financial Planning Portal. The client can access the tools available

to create a “dynamic living” financial plan. We work with and monitor progress as part of

the offering. Access to a financial advisor is provided at a reduced hourly rate.


Subscription plans begin at $19.99/ month with consultation rates 25% below

posted rates. There is also a second subscription plan with a monthly

subscription fee of $24.99 and a 50% reduction from the posted rates.

NFEC Financial Literacy Training

Self Directed: Self paced financial literacy training is available. Courses are developed

and delivered based on the needs of the individual student or for a group as a

workshop, class or after school activity. Sessions are produced for all age groups

with materials and concepts that are age appropriate.

Sessions can be delivered on-line, self-directed by zoom and other

teaching methods. We provide periodic assessments, feed back and

recommendations. We coach, prod, push and play our student to success

through active learning.


The monthly subscription fee is $9.99/ month for workshops and individual

on line, self paced lessons.

Self directed, self paced financial literacy training. Content is produced to meet