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Financial Awareness starts early

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

One of the important things you can do for your child as well as yourself is to be financially and economically informed and aware. I believe that if more people understood how money works things would be quite different politically and economically. Make sure you begin teaching your youngster the basics of economic value.

Hi, I believe in education specifically financial education. I want to support your efforts to teach your child about how money works. I have and will continue providing periodic blurbs like this to give you the tools you need to support a solid grounding in money concepts.

Save on your dental bills and maybe save money. Perhaps, you can show them how to make money. Be creative. You don't have to follow the scripts presented here. You can create your own approach. Example, if you buy the candy back you can save it so that after awhile they will have forgotten about your stash, you can give them a reward a piece at a time or not. You can sell it back to them, remember buy low sell high. Demonstrating a return on your investment in the candy you bought from them. How about bartering /trading a Hersheys for a Almond Joy? You can talk about preferences "like" vs "really like" would you pay more?

The object is to have fun and give a quick lesson. We'd love to get your feedback. Drop us a note if you found this interesting or helpful.

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