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Where To Find a Community of Common Financial Interests?

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

That's the question I had when I helped to form the San Francisco Chapter of the National Black MBA Association...that was last century. If you don't know "Then you better ask somebody!" I always wanted to say that in public. But, that is not why I'm here. I'm here to awaken you to an opportunity to bring financial education into your community. Don't roll your eyes and shake your head until you hear what's up.

Financial literacy is now taught in less than half of the states in the US. I would be willing to bet you never had a course in financial literacy in your life. Now is your time to see what you missed.

We're on a mission to connect with individuals and to create communities focused on financial stewardship. Communities that want to be "Financially Woke" and aware of how money works. My belief is that if you knew better you would do better. My role is to make sure the opportunity to get "Financially Woke" is available to as many people as I can reach, starting with you, your family and your best friends.

Imagine you and your "besties" meeting to discuss financial issues and opportunities on a regular basis. Knowing that there is a place and a time to hold that discussion makes it more likely to occur. Use your membership platform to host that conversation. Invite and include only those that are a part of your team or community of interest or invite a larger group. Imagine hosting your schedules, agreements, resolutions, issues and solutions in a neutral location i. e. your PTA, Little league, soccer club or your favorite group. "What does this have to do with money?" Well, time is money. We enable focus and efficiency in coaching you to financial success.

Where could you be if you brought financial awareness into your homes, churches, schools, our sororities and fraternities and social groups. How much better off would we be if we all knew more about our financial systems and how to make the system work for you. We coach to develop habits of financial success.

My objective is to facilitate that development. I have twenty plus years in the field of financial management, nearly ten years teaching at the university level and a career of product and service development it is my way to give back what I know to be true in the world of personal finance and financial education.


The answer to the question of "How do you find a community to share common financial interests?" The answer is you build it! Check out the proof of concept. IT'S FREE!

Come by register to use our financial planning tools or to get into a complimentary personal financial training course. The complementary training is broken up into three life stages elementary -middle school, middle school to young adult and adult lessons online or in class options are available. This is a family event bring the kids. Come by get your free trial test run and give us your feedback. We are building awareness, trust and community strength. We would love the opportunity to to work with you and your community.

This is just the first step. You have got to get "Financially Woke" before you can awaken someone else . Let's do it. Come on by register, get free access to financial wellness education and tools.


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