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What you don't know about money

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Welcome to My World.

I'm Aaron Baker, founder and Managing Director at Baker & Associates RIA, LLC. I have been in the financial services business for over twenty years. I also spent 10 years teaching as a college professor. My focus was business management and finance. As an advisor I worked with Merrill Lynch, AIG, MetLIfe and a few others along the way. I saw two distinct tiers of service. Clients with the money got the service and the inducements those with less got the fees and the minimums investment requirement story.

I came to realize was that there are so many built in components in the financial services industry that the biggies have had the field to themselves and could do what they wanted to do. They could get away with it because we were so uninformed.

I have come to realize that my special powers are those of observation and analyst and secondarily as a teacher. I love to break things down to make sure I understood what I am

looking at and then share my discoveries. I did this at each company I worked with and each

product or service I provided. I studied investments, portfolio structure, risk assessment,

insurance and so on and so on. I said to myself this is not that complicated. There are some

tricky points but nothing an informed person couldn't pick up.

My time as a professor of business made me better informed on the subjects I was teaching and in communicating complex content so that it made sense. More than that, I felt teaching and providing valuable information to my students and my clients was very rewarding.

“Why don’t they teach financial literacy?”

So I asked myself, “Why don’t they teach financial literacy?” The truth is I don’t actually know why financial literacy is not taught in public school. At last count, I believe that less than twenty ( 20 )states require any number of hours of financial literacy be taught prior to high school graduation. What I do know is that if people understood how money works they would be better able to determine what is in their best interest. I’m not saying it’s a giant conspiracy, but to keep citizens uninformed is to keep them under control.

My Legacy Plan

I have learned a lot in my time and I know you can't take it with you. My biggest concern now is how to get some of what I know into the minds of young people as well as those who have gaps in their understanding about money. My plan going forward is to take up the mantel of Financial Literacy. My focus is to get financial literacy into as many homes and communities as I can reach.

I'm starting with my family and friends and then their extended family and their friends and so on and so on. I am committed to do my part in building and holding on to the wealth in our communities through financial literacy as well as investing services.

Would you be better off with financial education or would you be worst off with financial education?

I am a certified Financial Literacy Instructor. Certified through the National Financial Educators Council. I am offering education and financial services so that more people can participate in the wider economy and be more informed as they earn income, invest and grow their wealth.

I am currently looking for a diverse few16-24 year old's, self starters who are interested in understanding personal financial management. I have a limited number of free seats available for a upcoming session in September/October, first come first served. Let me know of your interest by going to Fill out the contact form stating your interest in either financial planning or/and financial education. We will follow up with those that are interested with more details. In the meantime you can go to ( to check out the organization and their commitment to Financial Literacy.

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